Engineering for Performance

Roush Yates Engines’ core business includes designing, testing and building purpose-built race engines. A dedicated team of engineers, technicians and track side experts work together with Ford Performance to build the most powerful and reliable engines in racing.


Through the use of advanced modeling software and rapid prototyping our Engineering Team is able to take ideas from a white board through production in the compressed time frames demanded by high level race programs.  Each individual on the team brings with them a significant depth of knowledge across a broad range of motorsports and OEM experience.  This bench strength is essential when brainstorming new and innovative ideas, rapid problem solving and pushing the limits of engine performance and reliability.

  • Complete race engine design from clean sheet concept through production
  • PTC Creo 3D CAD system
  • 3D Rapid prototyping using Stereolithography (SLA)
  • Reverse engineering and benchmarking


The development staff at Roush Yates Engines uses a system level approach to development.  This approach includes parallel development of hardware, software, controls and calibration to ensure the base engine and all integration components are optimized as a system to maximize performance, reliability and fuel economy.

  • Base engine development including rotating components, cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, valvetrain and cooling/lubrication systems
  • Port flow and combustion chamber development
  • Advanced combustion analysis including ignition timing and fuel delivery optimization to maximize performance, fuel economy and reliability
  • Turbo system control optimization
  • EFI control system development and calibration


In the design process we use advanced analysis and simulation tools to quickly evaluate concepts and components in a controlled environment before applying them at the track.  Analysis is used extensively to ensure all components meet structural requirements while minimizing weight.  We also use advanced engine control development to optimize traction control systems and turbo control systems as well as running diagnostic testing. Our simulation tool set also gives us the ability to run track simulations based on real world race data to develop and manage unique race strategies to ensure optimization for every track.

  • Dynamic and Static Structural Analysis (FEA)
  • Fluid and Thermal Simulation (CFD)
  • Engine performance simulation with 1D to 3D coupling
  • Track cycle simulation
  • Valvetrain system design and dynamic analysis
  • Matlab and Simulink advanced engine control development


Through our collaborative development process, engineering experience and state of the art test equipment we are able to setup tests in lab environments which closely represent on-track operating conditions.  This correlation between lab and track is essential when developing and testing engines under compressed timeframes.  Roush Yates Engines also provides track side support which includes real time data analysis and optimization of the engine calibration and controls system to maximize engine performance.

  • AC transient, eddy current and water brake dynos
  • Engine durability testing
  • High speed in-cylinder combustion analysis
  • Spintron valvetrain development
  • Fuel system component flow testing
  • On-track data acquisition and analysis to optimize engine mapping and shift control